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Aryan Blood / Satanic Warmaster - 70%

BlackMetal213, May 3rd, 2012

Well.... This is not for everyone. On this Split EP, we hear the music of two black metal bands: Aryan Blood, an NSBM band from the land of Germany, and Satanic Warmaster, from the nordic country of Finland. The music on this EP is not very consistent, but I will get into that in a minute. It is time to speak of the two bands individually and why I gave this EP the rating I did.

First off, the Aryan Blood side of the EP. I'll admit, I am not a fan of Aryan Blood, mainly because this is literally the ONLY thing from this band I have heard. I listened to this split for Satanic Warmaster. There are three tracks from Aryan Blood on this release, and they all show a very raw, primitive production sound. Now, of course, this is only to be expected. "Einklang" serves as an intro track. This track is, actually, probably my "favorite" track on the Aryan Blood side of the split. Even though it is just an intro, it is very dark, atmospheric, ambient, and mystifying. However, the next tracks "Strength, Pride, Nobility" and "Totenkopfes schwarze Brut" are just average, ordinary, raw, fast black metal songs. Nothing too special. They are not necessarily terrible, but pretty bland and not good. The music is not crafted too well, and at times sounds somewhat annoying. It actually, at times, seems to sound rushed. Sort of like a demo done in ONE take, and left at that. A good example of this would be Vlad Tepes of the Les L├ęgions Noires with their demo "Return of the Unweeping" being produced and written in a WORSE manner than it already is. Basically, this band is trying to be as "trve" and "kvlt" as possible without even trying to make the music sound at least fucking decent. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE raw black metal, in fact, I love it a lot. But Aryan Blood just does not appeal to me.

Next up, we have the main attraction to this split EP. Finland's Satanic Warmaster. This band (to some) COULD be described as somewhat NSBM too, due to the themes of pride, war, and some themes of Aryan triumph. Now to talk about the music. Only one Satanic Warmaster track is on the EP, and it is entitled "The Chant of the Barbarian Wolves." The track starts off with a soothing ambient intro which lasts until around 1 minute 50 seconds into the track. This intro, actually, is one of my favorite moments on the EP. It has a folky sound to it, and when listening, one could imagine marching to victory in a triumphant battle. The raw, melodic, and hateful Satanic Warmaster riffs we all know and love roll in after the beautiful intro. This track is full of these amazing riffs, and don't forget Werewolf's amazing, hateful vocals. He surely is able to produce his painful, melancholic screams with ease. This is the ONLY reason to listen to this split. Aryan Blood is really just a filler here, as they do nothing interesting and stick to the "trve kvlt" label a little too much. Honestly, I do not understand why Satanic Warmaster decided to release this on a split with Aryan Blood. I would much rather him release it as a single or on one of his own EP's. Hail Satanic Warmaster. This is one of his finest works.

Remember, Satanic Warmaster is really the only reason to listen to this. I would have probably given this a 50% (or maybe even less) if it had not been for Satanic Warmaster's "The Chant of the Barbarian Wolves."

Kult works for only certian bands - 75%

Sigillum_Dei_Ameth, March 19th, 2008

Thankfully Satanic Warmaster is one of those kult bands who have put out a nice good kult dischography on kult labels such as No Colors. And they have successfully made some truly excellent kult releases such as "Opferblut" LP, "...Of The Night" EP, and a slew of splits with other kult acts such as Krieg, Clandestine Blaze, Akitsa, etc. Now we have another 7" EP kult release by SW, on this time it's with kult German nsbm band Aryan Blood, and this is where we have a clear example of why kult doesn't work in the least fucking bit.

Here we go with all the kult information;

- 1000 copies, first 88 green (I had no idea that the Irish were considered of nobility or teutonic heritage...guess I'm behind with the times)

Side A; Aryan know this is one territory that even my blackened heart dares not journey into. I just don't get NSBM. That's not to say Aryan Blood can MUSICALLY play some simplistic raw, fast, punk-ish a mediocre version of War(Swe). Fortunately for these asshats Necropolis Records didn't sign them before they went kaput! but goddamn their name is beyond fucking cliche. Satan below and all of his infernal dominions. I can't think of a more cliche fucking song title..."Strength, Pride, Nobility"....are these the same idiots that walk around saying "Seig Heil" and dream of their master race and all that horseshit? Outside of the obvious bitching.....I stay clear of side A.

Right away side B featuring Satanic Warmaster's "The Chant of The Barbarian Wolves" starts off with a kooky-sounding 70's electronic organ piece as an introduction. Actually soothing to the listener's ears in it's nostalgic ambience lasting for a minute and 40 seconds. Then it slowly fades and into those straight-forward melodic riffs SW are known for. Kult riff after kult riff. I have to hand it to Tyrant Werewolf at being able to master the kult sound without being boring. The song "The Chant of The Barbarian Wolves" is very reminiscent of other SW songs such as "the Vampiric Tyrant" and "Distant Blazing Eye"; good sense of melody, blasphemous vocals, rolling/galloping double bass, buzzsaw majestic guitars, etc. Good job SW, keep up that style.

Artwork wise, Satanic Warmaster wins that as well. At least Tyrant Werewolf was nice enough to put lyrics/contact info while Aryan Blood does the overrated 'NO CONTACT' bullshit (That shit only works for acts like Sargeist...besides I can imagine the lyrics are 'kill the jews' or some shit about cleansing the race...) Tyrant Werewolf is getting a LITTLE chunky. Nice pudgy fingers there buddy.

Definately worth picking up for SW's side alone.

Satanic Warmaster wins. - 70%

Anaktas, March 16th, 2008

This is a split 7", limited to 1000 copies. On side A we have Satanic Warmaster, who offer us a brief intro and "The chant of the barbarian wolves". On side B, Germany's Aryan Blood use the space given to offer us two tracks and a Holocaustus cover.

Satanic Warmaster: The intro is very dark and creates a nice atmosphere with a single, simple riff. Then there is one of the best (in my opinion) SWM songs of all time, the aforementioned "Chant of the barbarian wolves". This song is very memorable and has a few tempo changes that make it more interesting. The style is the one that all of us SWM fans are used to, and that's really cold and somehow nostalgic quality black metal. In addition, the artwork in SWM side is fabulous.

Aryan Blood: Not something special. Although the two tracks "Strength, pride, nobility" and "totenkopfes schwarze blut" cannot be characterized as bad, they are not something special. They are very raw and fast, and if you like this kind of black metal, I think you will enjoy listening to Aryan Blood.