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Satanic Warmaster - Nachzehrer - 15%

tortyr666, February 4th, 2012

There it is: the fifth full length of Satanic Warmaster. Five years and countless split releases in between, this album marked some kind of return of the band, which seems extremely odd to me, because the member(s) of the band have never dissapeared; always active with dozens of side-projects and the fitting basement-recordlabels to toss their stuff into the world, etc.. I was curious to check it out and got the lp, which comes in a good looking, yet basic sleeve with dito artwork.

The first track is an average one, it's got nothing unusual, the usual blastbeats and keyboards are there. If it set the mood for the album, we're in for unspectacular, yet entertaining metal. It has all the standards that also appeared on their previous album. In fact, it could have been on that album, since it follows the same recipe of taking a guitarriff from an other, known band, and building a new song around by adding one or two riffs. As I said, just like the previous (and all albums before that), unspectactular stuff, and not even worth the disc space to have the album in digital format, but entertaining enough to hear at a friends' place once per year. The following tracks are even less interesting, and when the record has flipped onto the other side, it just goes further downhill.

I've followed satanic warmaster since their first Von-clone that was their demotape. From there on, the band changed music and ideology quite a bit, to this new album "Nachzehrer". I'm playing this record now for the fifth time, just to get to know the feel of the album. Though this proved to be not necessary; it's that predictable, even the second time it's quite a task to stay focused! It's a typical play-once, "how many times have I heard that riff before", and-forget kind of album, as literally everything on the album has been done before - and much better I can add.

The riffs on this record mostly resemble the pre-SW band Pest, which was nothing more than a one-off Bathory clone. The songs have mostly a thrash metal / pop rock feel to them, for optimal "hum along" riffs, alternated with mid-tempo parts, to have at least some diversity on the album. Even the novice guitarist-type guitarsolos are there - you know what I mean, guitarist who can't actually play any solos and instead just hit random notes high on the neck whilst tremolopicking all high three strings together.

As on almost all modern black metal records, Vocal patterns are done really bad. There absolutely no sense of rhythm in the text placement. It's too bad noone does this really. The band seems to care about their lyrics; all the clich├ęs are embarrasingly obvious there: werewolves, national socialism, nocturnal creatures, satanism, etc etc (though I will not even begin to question how ALL these themes can be used by one band, let alone on one album!), though they are totally misplaced over the music, so instead of creating some kind of atmosphere, it's just screamed over the music senselessly.

To me, this is exactly what is wrong with "black metal scene" from nowadays. A lot of big-mouthing, causing the band to get kicked off of multiple festivals, but I'm afraid to say this follows the satanic warmaster musical and ideological legacy by being an album without any substance. It's so standard, it's not even funny listening to it as an example for standard modern black metal.