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Large Departure from what the Expected - 75%

Wymiociny, November 29th, 2014
Written based on this version: 2014, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

This album is a large departure from Werwolf’s usual style on his Satanic Warmaster releases. This album sees a huge increase in production value, leaving a cleaner and crisper sound. To some degree this hurts the album as one of the largest appeals to Satanic Warmaster releases was the novelty of the old school raw sound. No longer is the rough crackling sound of an aging cassette four track heard but rather the harsh vocals and mesmerizing riffs. The album begins to sound more familiar to a Satanic Warmaster release with the tracks such as Korppi and the wonderful electronic ambient track and Silent Call of Moon’s Temples.

The pacing of this album gives the feel similar to that of a Burzum album in which the listener is taken through an epic journey. The opening track Fimbulwinter's Spell gives listeners a brutal greeting to Werwolf’s new sound with pounding drums and a hypnotic riff. The inclusion of an obscure cover from the band Vornat was certainly an interesting choice especially so early in the album but the track just flows flawlessly into Werwolf’s adventure.

The heart of Satanic Warmaster is still there but it may be missing part of its soul. This is a strong black metal release, but is a far cry from what is expected of a Satanic Warmaster album. Those looking for a typical raw and abrasive black metal album will be disappointed but those ready to listen to a solid Finnish black metal album will be quite pleased.