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The old black metal style in it's former glory! - 95%

ordoabchao, April 26th, 2007

Saying that "Satanic Warmaster really killed with this one" would be a gross understatement! This release is nothing short of brilliant, and reeks with the dripping black metal attitude that we so miss from previous years. Amidst the turmoil that the BM scene suffers in today, Carelian Satanist Madness speaks to the people: you can have a good album, even if it isn't original.

The speed and messy chords on the duel guitars completley drench this release in a flurry of sound that much reflect what he has been doing in every release up to date: the same old school BM style punkish riffs. Yet it is done so differently in this album! The melodic style has transformed the "jumbled chords" into a more complex and sophisticated listen, none better shown in songs like "Eaten by Rats (my personal favorite)," and the slower "My Dreams of 8."

The overall speed of the album is always throwing the listener curves. It can be the same old blast beats, which even aren't that normal. It can be an altered punk beat. Or it can sometimes reflect a sophisticated and slightly sped-up doom beat. It is never really that predictable, but one of the highlights of this album for the drums is that they [i]actually know how to shut up.[/i] It is a very welcome attribute of the album when the drums with let its silence charge up in a moderately-timed pause, to later blast you with its speed.

The song writing can also not be forgotten. His stories drip with tales of graveyards and quasi-gore lyrics in a few songs, and of course his NS beleifs. Hopefully, even if you have a animosity towards Nationalist Socialism (which I share with you), I exhort that you do not simply dismiss this realease.

With releases coming in the future of SW, one can ponder as to how he can follow up this godly album.