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Astonishing. - 98%

Anaktas, March 13th, 2008

When I got my hands on this cd, I tell you I had no idea what the heck was coming my way. In fact I always wondered what new can a band (which essentially plays Norse-styled BM) offer. Instead, when I put this album in my cd player, it was as if Satan himself slapped me in the face and made me love "Carelian Satanist Madness".

I can tell you that bands like Satanic Warmaster give Black Metal a rejuvenating touch. The man behind SWM, Satanic Tyrant Werwolf, is gifted with inspiration and keeps the flame alive. If you get past the awful production, you will acknowledge that you just bought a fabulous album.

So, what have we here? We have about 36 minutes of mainly fast-paced, top-notch black metal, melodic and atmospheric, but without using the easy solution of keyboards. From the superb opening track "Vampiric Tyrant" to the final dark track "Blessed be, the Grim Arts!", this release manages to keep your attention (the fact that this cd lasts a mere 36 minutes adds to that). In my opinion, the standout tracks include the aforementioned two plus "Carelian satanist madness", "true blackness" and "eaten by rats". Of course I do not mean that the remainder are of bad quality (certainly not!).

In addition, I would like to add that "Carelian satanist madness" is not just 8 wonderful songs. All 8 tracks included are somehow bound together, and cannot be viewed separately. One song carries on what the previous started and so on. And in my opinion, this is a great asset of this release and what makes this album a must-have.

Before finishing this review, let me point out something. We all know Werwolf's nazist political affiliation (and we do not care, as long as he writes this marvellous music). What really-really pisses me off is the censorship of No Colours Records. It is obvious that titles like "My dreams of Hitler" are openly nazi. Everyone is free to express his own opinion. Why do you change the title of the song to "My dreams of 8"? Why do you erase/blur words like "jewish", "hitler" from the booklet? Why do you darken his extended hand in Werwolf's photo ?(he salutes the fascist way). I personally do NOT share his views but art censorship utterly repulses me. If you disagree with his views, do not release his records. He is talented enough to find another label.

P.S. The rating is not 100% just because the riff appearing in 2' 30'' of the song "666" is a Sodom/Mayhem ripoff (Mayhem's Ghoul and Sodom's Outbreak of evil). And kind of reminds me of Darkthrone's "under a funeral moon" titletrack (the second riff).