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Obscure and Solid - 81%

pandaemon, November 19th, 2009

Satan wanted to advertise his "Afterlife Kingdom" with the quality music made by his minions for this album. Because of unknown reasons, his plan didn't work as few people had the occasion to listen. Too bad! It sounds great!

The record consists of alternating cold black metal riffs with more melodic metal riffs still with the cold touch, but it also has some surprise elements (you will see bellow). Basically this album is reminiscent of the more popular "Slaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy)" of Dawn. If you think those songs are too long but sound incredible, "Afterlife Kingdom" is your solution. The average song length on this one is near 5 minutes. The drumming is decent i guess, though at some moments i feel it should be more aggressive blending better with the guitars. That doesn't mean you won't find the typical blast beats that are actually quite present. The keyboard is used occasionally (with the more melodic riffs), however the atmosphere created is very welcome. We are given non-spectacular although good growls.

Almost all songs contain guitar solos. The one on "When Darkness Prevails" is even upbeat, unlike the other ones that present more solemnity. "Through the Dark Profound" is the most unique song as it has a few moments with clean female vocals and spoken words as done in Celtic Frost's "Sorrows of the Moon". The other song containing some female vocals is "The Arrival", the starter. This track also has an ambient as a prelude. There are only two songs that don't follow the same pattern as the others. One is the acoustic instrumental "Autumn", which is very pleasant and strange for such an album (they must have listened to At The Gates). The other is a cover of Kreator's "Flag of Hate". It is played with more distortion and the vocals used are growls.

"Afterlife Kingdom" isn't a groundbreaker, but it is solid as HELL!