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Satanic Priest - Demo

Satanic Priest - Demo - 73%

Metal Extremista, December 26th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2020, CD, Born for Burning Productions (Limited edition)

Satanic Priest is a Salvadoran black/thrash metal band led by "Priest of Whores", an experienced vocalist, who has teamed up with musicians who share his motivation to make music without following trends. Keeping the '80s style alive, this demo is a tribute to the extreme metal pioneers.

Dizzying, with raging guitars, aggressive percussion, and rough vocals. All of this creates an incendiary combination, the same one that attracted me to extreme metal from the start and is one of the metal styles I enjoy the most. I appreciate a demo for the guts the band puts into executing their music. This album includes 4 tracks with lyrics full of blasphemy, lust, and alcohol. The sound is old speed metal turned into modern black/thrash, rough and tough, this is top-notch black'n'roll. No unnecessary melodies but full of catchy riffs to shake your head like crazy. All the tracks here are highlights, this is a very well-performed, unadorned metal for maniacs.

The only point against it is the short playtime, an additional track or a longer duration in the existing ones would have been better, it’s a demo, I get it. It could be argued that Satanic Priest lacks innovation, for me it is not necessary to innovate when making honest music from the guts, this demo is a spit in the face of the trendies. It only follows the rotten taste for unadorned metal going straight to the skull!

Originally written for Metal Extremista Webzine