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Good, But Expected More... - 55%

METAL_MEDALLO, October 4th, 2011

For many years, Satanachia has been the symbol of the radical Black Metal Medellin and this cd is a tribute to Necrolust (founding member, died in 1996). Every detail of this album is mindful of this last event and describes the context in which it was made - "Hail Satana".

With "Salve Necrolust (Overtura)" this work begins, a contribution made with keyboards by Rio De Muerte (guitarist from Oscuridad) which is excellently accomplished and full of melancholy and sadness.

Musically, there is black metal without many surprises, highlighting mainly the versatile and heartbreaking vocals of Darkness, making his lyrics understandable (sung in Spanish) with variations in pitch, clearly identifiable in songs like Satanachia and Camino al Golgota. The drums in general are well-executed by Infernalmoon with strong, blasting rhythms with some half-time changes and infringes to characteristically mark to this album. The guitars' mixing and production is rather bad and weak and strangely there are times that hardly any rhythms are understood. There is a slight gap between the tempo of the drums and guitars, thus avoiding reaching some kind of atmosphere with the strings. The bass execution is barely noticeable.

One aspect featured in this work is the amount of contributions to guitar compositions, creating diversity in these, but still fails to captivate enough and makes 35-minute too long much for such an album.

On Hail Satana, there are good intentions to create powerful and fucking black metal, but these do not match fully with mixture of the final result and should perhaps invest more time to this aspect. Still, it is a black metal cd that can be given space on the cd player occasionally.