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Satan > Dirt Demo '86 > Reviews > DGYDP
Satan - Dirt Demo '86

Too often overlooked - 91%

DGYDP, September 9th, 2008

I don't need to introduce you to the NWOBHM band called Satan. With only two full lengths, I reckon them among the best of the movement. Surely, many other heavy metal fanatics will agree with me on that. Their two albums are quite popular, but unfortunately this little EP gets overlooked too often. What we find here is heavy metal, Satan styled: catchy choruses, good musicianship and a unique sound. If you like any of their other releases you should definitely check this out.

Good, standard heavy metal riffs are mixed in with original arrangements and great solo's. The guitars sound rather clean and polished, unlike their acclaimed "Court in the Act" album. Overall the production is a lot less muddy than their previous efforts, which is a good thing to me. One little problem is that the bass is inaudible at times, but overall the production is amazing. Diverse drumming brings the band to an even higher level, which can also be said for Jackson's raspy vocals and high shrieks. As always, you can expect non-metal influences who blend in surprisingly well with the rest of the stuff.

I don't know why the band never put these songs on a full length, because they are truly among my all-time Satan favorites. If you like fast heavy metal with original compositions and catchy choruses, this should be in your collection! Those who were put off by the production on the previous album should worry not, because this has a cleaner mix. Despite having fewer songs, this is definitely on par quality-wise with the two albums, so check it out.