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Satan's Host - Archidoxes of Evil

An Interesting Beginning - 97%

hardcoremetal6969, December 9th, 2012

The more I listen to this album, the more it interests me. It's a very peculiar album; unlike everything else that they've done. Before this, they had made heavy metal with power, black, and thrash influences. After this, they made a more blackened version of this. But this is interesting, because it is in a category of its own. It stands out, or at least to the few people who own this, for it was released in a very underground fashion. But don't think any of this is bad, because if your lucky enough to find this somewhere, you will definitely enjoy it.

The album starts off with acoustic guitars and evil singing of Satan and Lucifer. The song ends and immediately blasts into the next song, "Devils Orison". It is a very heavy piece; its almost impossible to not to headbang to this. Most of the album is like this: very heavy, low guitar chugs. But, somehow, Patrick Evil finds some way to add some memorable riffs in between the heavy mosh of sound. The vocals are very strange; its quite unlike the usual Satan's Host screaming. When he does his lows, its very loud and angry. His highs, however, are almost not even screams. It's more like L.C.F. Elixir is speaking loudly. Now, this sounds kind of bad, but the way he does it just makes it a crucial part to this album. The drums are also very different; more work was put into these drum parts then in the later Satan's Host works. All in all, this jumble of intricate instruments make a very good combination that just grab you and won't let you go.

There is also an instrumental track placed in the middle of the album. Now, normally, I skip over the instrumentals, but, like the rest of the album, I couldn't pull myself away. "Melektaus" is a nice piece played only on acoustic guitar. It is a very nice track, and blends very well into the rest of the album. It's sort of like a break from the heavy pounding of the tracks before it. The entire track is played by 2 (or more, I can't tell) guitars. The track is beautiful; there is really no other way of putting it. Patrick Evil really outdid himself on this album. But, like the intro, it ends and immediately brings you back to the carnage which is the rest of the album.

The entire album is great, but 2 songs stick out to me the most: "Nightside of Eden" and "Melektaus". "Nightside of Eden", unlike the other tracks, starts off with a lighter guitar intro. When the intro ends, the headbanging begins. A couple nice leads and solos are present, adding to the song's mass of greatness. Eli's chanting and screaming fit like a puzzle piece in the song. The only problem that I have with the song is that it ends, leaving you wanting more. But, have no fear, the rest of the album will bring you right back to your feet.

All in all, this album is most enjoyable. The only thing keeping me from giving this a 100 was the quality of the album. It is very obviously an underground work, and this album just begs to be cleaned off. But, quality aside, this is a masterful work. I've listened to it countless times, and I'm still hooked by it. I will definitely cherish this forever. It is a great album, and it is a great beginning to a great band's rebirth.