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Sarvekas > Of Atavistic Fury & Visions > Reviews
Sarvekas - Of Atavistic Fury & Visions

Of Atavistic Fury & Visions - 90%

Nattskog7, August 4th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2020, CD, Soulseller Records (Digipak)

A new black metal entity from Finland has emerged from the underground entitled Sarvekas, offering their debut EP which is out now.

Blasting right in with dissonant guitars entwined with ferocious drum work, Sarvekas make a strong first impression with seething instrumentals accompanied by savagely howled vocals. That Finnish melancholia and aggression that signifies such an important style of black metal is immediately present as is a cascade of foreboding, dark and emotive musicianship that is blisteringly cold with sparse soundscapes utilising discordant hooks as well as resplendent atmospherics. Convulsing with radiant energies and warped visions, this magnificently depraved sound channels all of its energy into a very tight, monolithic conjuration of black metal that storms forth with a groove and expansive sound that is unique, memorable and surprisingly easy to get into. Drawing some inspiration perhaps from the Icelandic bands with their spectral lead work that adds such a chilling touch to the music, we see a masterful and icy example of something very different to the typical Finnish black metal that stills holds that flame in regard.

Twisting and turning into oblivions, the serpentine riffs scale great hides and plunge into a battery of formidable drum work, all of which is tied off with some extremely volatile vocals. Diving into the abyss and ripping us back up, the EP has a huge amount of variations and unexpected moments that show a huge magnitude of passionate skill from the whole band, whom offer something truly special. Discordance can naturally come across as sloppy but here we see a fine-tuned spearhead of warped atmospherics with total sincerity and intent backing up a storm of visceral and unpredictable movements that show no boundaries nor inhibitions. Betwixt all of the barbarity and atonal moves, there is also plentiful melody that grant moments of tranquility only to unhinge itself back to the beastly realms of ferocity that are never far from their reach with each progression showing careful consideration and precision. Truly astonishing work that bursts onto the scene with impeccable taste and quality, not just for a debut release but as a masterful work regardless.

Sarvekas’ debut EP is one that shakes everything to its core and rebuilds the monstrous Finnish black metal movement in an entirely new territory. Dissonant, sparse and full of atmosphere while always retaining an urgent drive with boundless energy, we do not see a moment of faltering but pure sonic oblivion being delivered with insane proficiency.

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