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Six reasons for loving this band - 92%

Cravinov13, June 12th, 2007

It’s times like when I discovered this band that I say “THANK YOU” to free downloads. This album is some of the most sophisticated death doom metal I’ve heard in a long time. The guitars are thick and the riffs are catchy. Sarkus are one of the few bands I’ve heard that can make a constant chug (like on Dances Night) become such an atmospheric dynamic. The vocals are very deep and soulful in their religious mockery. The keyboard undertones overall dominate the album as they tie every song together with heavy moods and sweeping melodies. The dark clean singing on Abomination backed by the howling of the wolves is a perfect example of the album’s sheer evilness and grimnity. Overall, production is the only flaw I can really pick out of this band’s music.

The EP is called Five Reasons For Not To Believe, but I call it six reasons why you must download this album right this very instant. A must have for any death doom lover or anyone looking for something slow and heavy as hell.