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Interesting, well played, yet not so memorable - 70%

Delta_Wing, April 6th, 2011

Sargon are a new thrash outfit out of Panama. This death thrash three piece has managed to land veteran skin basher Alex Marquez (of Malevolent Creation fame) on drums, so the drumming on In Contempt is really solid.

The riffs found here are fairly standard thrash riffs with a lot of Teutonic influence (read Sodom, Kreator, Destruction). Lead guitarist and singer Frank does do a wonderful job balancing his well crafted solos between his gruff vocal styling, and lightning fast riffing. His vocals remind one of early Kreator, when the Germans played proto death ala Endless Pain or Pleasure to Kill.

The bass on In Contempt is pretty inadequate. It’s either buried somewhere in the mix or bassist Edgar played it right on top of the guitar riffs, it doesn’t show it’s face at all.

Still even though this is not the most original of thrash, it doesn’t seem to fall directly into the thrash revivalist teen club, even though it appears that both singer / guitarist Frank and bassist Edgar look like they are only in their early 20’s. The songs have a type of old school edge to them, possibly due to the fact Sargon listened to a lot of European underground tapes floating around in South America and possibly due to Marquez’s influence as well.

The production is fairly crude for today’s standard and is actually a saving grace, because it helps keep the old school spirit alive. It’s not bad production, it’s just not as polished, something I actually prefer to let’s say an Andy Sneap production job. In all these guys did an excellent job on their self financed full length debut.

Most of the songs are easily forgotten with Crestfallen being one of the favorites I remember after hitting stop. It begins with a wonderful melodic beginning then goes full speed ahead for the apocalypse. The 8 songs rush by and the listener never gets bored while listening. The biggest problem is that the listener also doesn’t have much to take away with them. The skills are definitely abound on In Contempt, but skills are not always the most important thing in music. In conclusion good music but nothing memorable or not seen before.

I do await wonderful things from this three piece in the near future.