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Good album - 77%

tallhagillani, March 29th, 2010

Well as long as I can enjoy a band, I don't really give a shit whether they're original or not. Horna has been around for a while and is one of the better Finnish black metal bands and the main dude of this band is one of them and he has produced some good music on this album. Just to let you know that you will be hearing top notch black metal quality vocals on this album, fierce and loud just as they should be.

In this album you will find the atmosphere as it should be in a black metal release, it doesn't sound fake at all, The overall sound might sometimes remind you of the 90's Norwegian era which isn't a bad thing at all according to me. The vocals are really good, the atmosphere created by guitars is wicked, the only bad thing is that in some of the songs, half way through the songs become boring, at that stage vocals are the only things you can enjoy as musicianship becomes a bit monotonous which is generally the case with 90% of the black metal bands out there. The songs don't have to be too long, they would have been almost perfect if they were all around three and half minutes to four minutes long.

But by no means am I saying that this is a bad album because I love the vocals on this album and guitars have been used in the right way most of the times and drumming is complimenting the music really well.

Highlights: Even though the songs don't have connectivity with each other but it will be a good idea if you listen the whole album in one go, however Satanic Black Devotion, Frowning Existing, Glorification and Returning to Misery & Comfort are really good songs.