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Black Fucking Metal, the real deal here - 75%

speedemon86, February 24th, 2004

This is about as tr00 as it gets as far as more recent bands following the old approach goes. This will be a great addition to any BM collection, as long as you don't listen to faggoth *AHEM*. But ignoring the ignorance, let's proceed. Satanic Black Devotion has good, raw, thick production, without fucking with the coherency or the general conveyance of the music. Evil melodies plague this cd in accordance with most of the well-respected "classic" BM out there. If you actually pay attention, none of these songs are all that fast, the real tempo is in the guitars, and it's all around a medium fast range, similar to Darkthrone. Did I mention the EVIL melodies. I didn't think so.

These guys obviously have the right influences (like the aforementioned Darkthrone), the intro track "Prelidium" is a style that many BM bands have done, all derived from the intro to Celtic Frost's "Into The Crypt of Rays". The title track sets the rest of the album up. In my favorite track, "Black Fucking Murder", which besides being a general sentiment that would make most metalheads feel warm and fuzzy, has a guitar line around the chorus has a very rock feel in that you nod your head, and are reminded of the main riff for "Whole Lotta Love" without the syncopation.

No bad tracks, highlights are the title track, "Glorification", "Panzergod", "BLACK FVCKING MVRDER!!!!!", "Sargeist", and "Returning to Misery & Comfort".