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Solid tortured bm... - 76%

Snxke, December 9th, 2004

Sargeist are among the better bands attempting to do "second wave" black metal stylings in the current devils market. Their "pissed-off-Darkthrone" double-kick is evenly produced and equally unrelenting. While spaced and listenable, the music itself is raw and the vocals tattered and torn with an acidic "blackness". It's not the most advanced songwriting in terms of pushing black metal to a new zenith, but it's a harsh reminder of what certain "painful" elements of black metal can do when combined with a strong set of musicians.

The opening track "Satanic Black Devotion" works much like the classic "Transilvanian Hunger" to set the mood for the CD and acts as it's centerpiece track. The Fenriz-on-crack drumming and tortured vocals/guitars make for a rather epic listening experience. While the rest of the CD isn't as strong as the title track the rest is quality black metal that fits a strong profile of darkness that fans of the coldest and harshest music might be able to enjoy. Not one track slips into poor craftsmanship, but no one track touches the rather memorable title track either. All in's good "black metal 101".

This is a must have for fans of anything Darkthrone inspired or anyone into "hypnotic" black metal of any kind. Sargeist are certainly more extreme than most of the Norse bands at this point and stand up well to the underground while being big enough to land in my zine's promotional bin. (You gotta have some attention to spare to send me stuff...) Sargeist are the real thing, even if just slightly less than legendary.

I say buy it...