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Atmospheric Art - 100%

PaganWinter_44, August 27th, 2007

The first Sargeist album I heard was Disciples of the Heinous Path. When I heard that, I figured that Sargeist was another, cheap imitation of Darkthrone. Then, I decided to give them another chance by listening to Satanic Black Devotion. It was very different from anything I've heard. This is a lot more hypnotic than the bands that people compare them to.

The album opens up strong. The intro track is slow, eerie, and dark. There are many screams and whispers within the track. When you listen to this on headphones, it feels like the voices are revolving inside your head. It makes you think of walking through dark woods while your body is surrounded by tortured spirits. Then, the real ritual begins. The first real song hits you with a band, and in a second, you know that this is an original band.

The guitars are not so badly produced that it sounds like a swarm of bees. At the same time, they're not so well-produced that it would be popular in the mainstream. They are produced at a very happy median. They are raw enough to be dark and hateful. The chords being played are the incarnation of depression, darkness, and hatred.

The vocals are one of the most original aspects. They, like the guitars, are mastered in a way that makes them appear as if they're hidden under the music. They are not buried so that they can barely be heard, but they are not upfront in a way that drowns out everything. It is as if the vocals are coming from a spirit. This, once again, adds to the dark atmosphere.

This album was a very well-done work of art. It is obvious that this band not only paid careful attention to the music. They made sure that every aspect of this album, from the cover art to the production, would contribute to the atmosphere of the album.