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Cut your wrists... - 100%

Gortician, October 5th, 2005

Sargeist is one of the many offsprings of the legendary Finnish Horna, this being a creation of Horna's main songwriter and guitarest Shatraug. After a few demos with him as the sole full-time member this is the first full length of Sargeist.
The opening track is of course the mandatory intro, which is very eerie chanting and sets the mood very well before plunging headlong into the title track, full of melancholic and murderous riffing and ultra sadistic screaming courtesy of Hoath Torog, also of another fantastic Finnish horde, Behexen. "Obire Pestis" is next, some great material here also, but song four, "Frowning, Existing" is surely worth a mention, I cannot even to begin to describe to hatred and anguish in the guitar work and especially the vocals (Sung here by Shatraug). It really sounds like he is in excruciating agony. Tracks 5 and 6 are good, but definitely not the highlights of "Satanic Black Devotion", but they are still decent filler songs revolving around the typical axis of Darkthrone/Maniac Butcher school of BM composition.
"Black Fucking Murder" is easily the highlight of the whole album and for me, its the ultimate Black Metal hymn ever written. In my ears it is truly perfect in every way. The atmosphere is so dark, hateful and full of dread that it has almost driven me to homocidal intentions. "Sargeist" follows, and brings with it the same atmosphere. Some great riffs to be heard here also, almost sounding folk influenced in parts. The final track is great finale for the album, and will truly leave you with a feeling of either murderous rage or impending doom. By the end of this opus, you'll either be scared out of your wits, or like me, horribly enthralled.
Over the past year I have become very fond of most of Finland's current BM movement, with this album being my most praised and one of the most important, both in my (reasonably vast) music collection and everyday life. I simply cannot live without it.
"Satanic Black Devotion" is a true spiked iron fist in the face of humanity, and it absolutely mandatory to anyone who craves utter grimness.