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For Hardcore the Hardcore Only, - 90%

Borninfire, May 24th, 2010

I’ve read a lot of reviews on this album, and frankly I think it’s indicative of most black metal genius. Either people are going to try to classify it by stuffing it into another bands box ‘ala DarkThrone’ or claiming it noise. Other examples of this might be found in Ildjarn or Burzum.

The kind of filth manifested by Sargeist requires a special tonal distinction. You might not catch it the first time you play the record, you might not figure it out the first 10 times you listen to it, but play it on a good headset, allow yourself to relax and be taken in by the hate. It’s actually quite fantastic.

The riffing is fast, melodic, and in pure Finnish/Norwegian black metal roots heritage. I’ve been listening to DarkThrone for a lot of years now, and frankly I can’t understand how some people can put this in that box; other than this is crusty as fuck, indeed necro (which is in my opinion DarkThrone’s greatest claim to fame – lost in recent releases), aside from that – the riffing is completely different, the vocals are NOTHING like DarkThrone.

Whatever. I’m not going to turn this into a review of how ‘this shit isn’t DarkThrone’ – just wanted to address this for those of you who haven’t heard this album yet. It’s one of the finest pieces of necro black metal I’ve found. If you don’t try to find the beauty in this album, it’s your loss.

Every track on the album fucking screams tortured necro death and depression. Every track in my opinion fits perfectly with the album’s theme and overall assembly. I don’t have a favorite track; however I probably play Black Fucking Murder more than most, because the chorus fucking rocks.

Even with the thin production quality, the drums hit fucking hard, there's lots of punk rock influence here, a lot of stop and drumroll breaks reminiscent of DRI’s dirty Rotten LP or any other awesome hardcore album you can reference, (think Exploited drums on a methamphetamine bender). For examples, check out Panzergod.

The band’s melodic quality shines best in the track ‘Sargeist’ on this album. It’s absolutely heart wrenching. Dripping with anger and emotion. Regret, sorrow, hatred, ready to end it all. No Funeral. This is the real fucking deal.

Sargeist does a brilliant job breaking from blast-beats into a head banging steady rhythm that keeps me tapping my boot through the song at different rhythmically timed formations. It’s in many ways traditional shit, done better than most groups out there.

Everyone should try this one on. If it doesn’t fit, try again a few times before you give up. Its really a masterpiece.

Hail Satan.