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A superb release, on BOTH bands' parts... - 96%

BlackMetal213, May 19th, 2012

Ah, what to say about this split... Crimson Wine / As The Blood Flows On... This split contains two tracks: "Crimson Wine" by the Finnish black metal band Sargeist, and "As The Blood Flows On..." by the Australian black metal band Drowning The Light. Now, I'll be completely honest... I am not all that familiar with Sargeist. All I really know about them is that they are Finnish, where formed in 1999, and have about 14 releases, or so. And, out of these releases, I have ONLY heard their three studio albums:"Satanic Black Devotion" from 2003, "Disciple of the Heinous Path" from 2005, and "Let the Devil In" from 2010. All three of those releases are very solidly consistent, evil, raw, and somewhat punk influenced black metal. Sort of reminds me of Satanic Warmaster... Anyway, sorry for drifting off topic.... I mainly got this split for Drowning The Light. I recently listened to the track "As The Blood Flows On..." on YouTube, and it initially blew me the fuck away... It's so awesome.

The music on this split is VERY raw black metal, and, as with most black metal, this lo-fi production adds to the overall atmosphere. The Sargeist track, "Crimson Wine," is a raw, hateful anthem. There is a obscure thrashy sound to it. A very solid track, which leaves you hungering for more Sargeist, although there is something better up next... And that is the Drowning The Light track, "As The Blood Flows On...." This track starts out with a beautiful melody. This melody is played until around 2:50 the way it is. Actually, this track starts out sounding, ironically, somewhat happy. Well, not HAPPY per say... But not sad.It does turn into a more depressing song after this. Drowning The Light is usually thrown into the "depressive/suicidal black metal" category, and with good reason. Their first album "Drowned" is especially relevant to DSBM. All of Drowning The Light's shit is VERY, VERY lo-fi. Much like Burzum's "Filosofem," but even more so.

This split is made so great by Drowning The Light's contribution, in my honest opinion. However, the listener should NOT, I repeat: should NOT leave the Sargeist side alone... Hell, "Crimson Wine" is actually one of Sargeist's better tracks. And it is the first track of the two. Definitely do not avoid it. Enjoy the black metal!