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Decent stuff! - 85%

Werewolf, December 18th, 2009

This ancient Mexican Death Metal exists since 1986, but doesn’t release its stuff so often, so if you haven’t heard about them before – it’s about time to check them out! Sargatanas play a mixture of all-extreme Metal where Death Metal is the main conductor, but slower, Doomy influences have lots of presence, together with thrashier parts and an obscure Black Metal aura that covers the sound. The sound is VERY heavy, typical for the Mexican sound of bands like Shub Niggirath and early Cenotaph. Most of the time it’s slow-mid paced, but sounds crushing as Hell and has killer sludgy riffs. The sound is very massive throughout the whole album and this album has a truly no-bullshit blasphemous atmos-fear!

The worse part of this album is its length, since while bands like The Chasm succeed to make an hour long album that doesn’t sound exhausting, Sargatanas’ music is not as interesting (even though still great for those who like the Mexican heaviness), and in addition to the 1 hour long album tracks, there are 7 more bonus live tracks (including a cool Slayer/Black Magic cover that doesn’t appear in the track list), which made this release really tiring. By the way – layout-wise Stefano made a killer work here!

This gatefold sleeve has an amazingly beautiful drawing at the back side (fiery demons in Hell) and this DoLP also comes with a nice poster. Overall Sargatanas’ music is not so catchy and will probably satisfy the needs of only people with a specific taste in Death Metal, but the more you listen to it – the better it sounds, and it’s definitely worth a try!