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Very decent, comes a bit short of really good. - 80%

cyclone, November 27th, 2004

After a 13 year long break, Sarcasm released their second album. Their first album, Crematory, was awesome, so nobody actually expected, they would top it. And they really didn't. But they still managed to put out a good thrash album, which is quite an achievement for 2002.

The lineup is simmilar to the one on Crematory, the only important change is the new singer. He can't really match the performance of the first vocalist, his vocals aren't nearly that impressive. He hasn't good much range and lacks some technic skills, but otherwise he is decent and he sound angry when he has to. The guitar duo does a great job again. Solos aren't as fast and overall godly as on Crematory, but the guys still have the same touch and feeling they used to have. The riff ideas are good - they keep it simple, but make it interesting enough not to bore the shit out of you. Bass and drums make a good rhythm section, and there's nothing really special to mention about them, except for some good bass lines in the songs.

The songs themselves are catchy and quite simple. Igra Narave isn't as thrashy as Crematory, but it still has some thrash moments. It's more like a thrashier heavy metal, stripped to its bare form. Lyrics are also quite simplistic and straight to the point. Mostly, they're about different social issues (drunken car drivers, war in the Balkans, domestic violence).

There aren't any really bad songs here, only Pricakovanje is maybe a bit unmemorable. Standouts are definitely Sarajevo By Night and Dej Mi/Sarcasm.

Sarajevo By Night is about war in Sarajevo. The vocals delivery is at some moments a bit poor, but riffs and the song structure make up for it. The song has great crunching riffs and a cool softer middle part.
Dej Mi/Sarcasm is by now already a Sarcasm anthem. It features catchy and memorable riffs, awesome singalong chorus and anthemish lyrics. The solo is also really nice.
Slovenski Genocid and P.P.N. are middle paced thrashers, both work just fine. Other memorable stuff on the album is: great intro riff and an awesome solo on Tell Me Lies, sheer speed of Zena and a cool gang chorus on Pricakovanje.

Igra Narave isn't nearly as good as Crematory, but it's definitely worth getting. It's a good record, especially for 2002.