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Thrash Tonight! - 94%

cyclone, September 9th, 2004

Crematory is the debut of Slovenian thrash legends Sarcasm. And what a debut it is! I'm sure that this, with a bit more exposure, could be one of the legendary European thrash album of the 80s. Sadly, the record stayed in the underground and the band never really made the breakthrough. They were the supporting band for Motörhead and I think also for Sepultura and Kreator, though.

So, what we have here is a straight forward thrash record with some heavy and speed metal influences. Vocal performance is astonishing. The vocals are quite specific - sort of high pitched, but in a different way. There is some accent to be heard, but that's actually quite good, cause it adds something to the music (just think about Tom from Sodom).
The guitars on here are absolutely awesome. As his band, Aleš Blaznik is a totally overlooked guitarist. His blazing melodic solos are out of this world. And the riffs... The riffs are really one of the greatest things on this album. Simple, yet total thrash and catchy - they just command you to headbang. And bang. And bang. Drums are plain thrash, nothing special. Bass is a bit drowned in the mix, but otherwise it's good. Production is good for '89, especially for an unknown band like Sarcasm.

The opener, Road Warriors is a heavy/thrash song, and it has got a very memorable chorus. Same goes for Crematory. Then we have Sarcastic Reborn. A thrash instumental, in which the guitarist really shows his talent.
Thrash Tonight is a hyper fast raw thrash metal that really gets you headbanging. It's a classic thrash anthem. Love at First Sight is the easiest song on this one. Again we have a very cool intro riff, and very good vocal work. Last thre songs, The Krüger Story, Fate and Runaway are all great thrashers.

So, what we have here is a great and overlooked thrash metal album, with some influences in heavy and speed metal. Music on it is the one that you hear and it just sucks you in and gets you headbanging. It isn't surprising that at least 3 song off here are sort of metal anthems in Slovenia for 15 years now.