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“Only Entry If You Worse Than The Worst!” - 51%

bayern, May 16th, 2018

Well, the real problem here is that nothing out there can actually be worse than “The Worst”, the guys’ last full-length showing, one of the most aptly-titled efforts in the annals of metal; it’s neither humanly nor inhumanly possible… Enough said. In other words, even its own creators wouldn’t be able to beat it… and they don’t try hard, to be honest, on the EP reviewed here although the four cuts represented have by all means caught some of “the stench” exuded by its hyper-violent, ultra-messy “anything goes” predecessor.

Cause, in all honesty, they do sound like slightly superior leftovers from that opus, cast aside for being more memorable and marginally better assembled (not false) entries into a discography that looked once destined for much bigger things… No, I’m not crying here, just taking a short break; I’ve never been Sarcofago’s most avid fan to start shedding tears their way, but I did like what they came up with initially, including on that “Hateful” third showing.

I look beyond the crust now and I can’t help but notice this “Sonic Images of the New Millennium Decay”, what with one of the most ambitious, most academic titles in the annals of Brazilian metal, this all-instrumental 2-min etude which goes from peaceful serene balladisms to ravaging industrial noises in no time. I try to detect signs of originality and outside-the-box thinking on this contrasting cacophony, but I have no time to reach any tangible conclusions as “Day of the Dead” entry, a blasting outrage taken straight from the Australians The Berzerker’s “atrocities”, a brutal melee that can pass for equal dozes death, black metal and grindcore. Agonizing indecipherable “vocals” assist on the side, too scared to interfere more prominently, the assault on the senses continued with “F.O.M.B.M. (Fuck Off the Melodic Black Metal!)”, the title saying it all, no congeniality, no sophistication, just violent intimidating barrage with semblances of normality appearing in the form of, well, more melodic embellishments and cool lead guitars. All the way to the title-track, a hyper-aggressive vitriolic cut built on a recurring blast-beating theme which starts again just when a more sensible motif comes to the fore…

No, no time for those here, the band too busy justifying their notoriety for being one of the most brutal acts in music history. And they are, truth be told, based on this 4-tracker and the full-length before it, this effort here being a tad neater and more carefully assembled, but definitely spawned by the same uncompromising, dishevelled mindset, one that was drifting further and further away from any musical frames and meaningful artistic developments. The guys by all means reached the top of the brutal chaos, with this cyber-grind/death/black/industrial “offense” which amazingly is not a complete throw-away. They could have done it with bigger musical merits exhibited, though, cause they surely had the requisite skills for that…

Nah, why bother when the dark deities they swore allegiance to would never acknowledge such talents; those are lying hidden in a dark dusty sarcophagus somewhere Down Below… waiting to be re-discovered. Cause who knows… maybe the best is yet to come?

Very brutal stuff - 65%

Miihkali123, June 12th, 2009

First album of Sarcófago, "I.N.R.I.", was in the terms of 1980s very heavy and brutal black metal album. Thirteen years later Sarcófago released their second EP which turned out to be also their swansong. And though it's not as avant gardist, not as shocking, not as original and not as good as "I.N.R.I.", it surely is also very heavy and brutal album.

Tracks are hyper fast. Drum machine, which is just insane, 'plays' extremely fast endless blast beats. Though it obviously is not real trummer (the drum sound is not very authentic), it some way fits to this music. If some album presents brutal death metal, it is this EP. Vocals are heavily effected and it's almost impossible to follow the lyrics even with lyric sheet. Guitar and bass lines are simple and are just bringing a mass of sound to this album. Insane drumming is the main thing on this album. No boring solos to show how technical the band is, no unnecessary shit. Just brutal death metal!

Songs are very similar. Though riffs are quite different in every song, every song sounds quite same because of the production and the drumming... My favourite is "Day of the Dead" which has cool comps and is maybe the most original song on this album. "FOMBM (Fuck Off Melodic Black Metal)" is also a great one, thanks to the lyrics... "Fuck off Dimmu Borgir, fuck off Cradle of Filth!!!" Also the intro "Sonic Images of New Millenium Decay" has interesting acoustic intro which soon turns out to be just an introduction, when the track bursts out to another grinding sonic apocalypse. Closing & title track "Crust" is bit similar to some mid tempo tracks such as "Army of the Damned" on "The Worst". Nothing great, but still not bad.

So, this is very brutal stuff, but not very original. And of course brutal doesn't mean that it's automatically good. Actually I'm not sure if I really like this album or not, at least I don't listen it too often. But it truly is very interesting experiment by great extreme metal band... And when compared to another brutal death metal bands... Well, this stuff makes Cannibal Corpse look like a bunch of school kids. Heils to Sarcófago!