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Probably the best Sarcófago release - 95%

Miihkali123, June 12th, 2009

Sarcófago has released a lot of different albums, which vary from their debut's brutal black / thrash style, through Rotting's more epic black metal to brutal death metal of their last albums. But in my opinion their greatest efforts were album "The Laws of Scourge" and especially it's follower "Crush, Kill, Destroy" which probably is the best release by Sarcófago. Musically speaking, this EP continues on the same style as "The Laws of Scourge", though the progressive, technical and melodic elements of "The Laws of Scourge" are presented here even more: all tracks are quite complex, with several riffs, tempo changes, acoustic solos and interesting keyboard elements.

Though there are only four tracks, Sarcófago shows great diversity of styles on this EP. Opening track "Crush, Kill, Destroy" is ultra heavy and ultrafast slab of death metal. Wagner growls very low death grunts here, and sounds very brutal... Also the lyrics are full of hate and rage:

"Show me your lust, show me your hate
Give us the power to desecrate
Gods of cruelty, gods of sin
Show us the way to win ...
Crush, Kill, Destroy!!"

On this track also the tempo is ultra fast, but just when you think the song ends, there comes a melodic solo... And after that the song again progresses to fast and heavy thrashing. A good track, though it suffers from slightly too long length. And though it's a good track, it's still the worst on this EP.

The second track "Little Julie" is the best one on this album. Not only it has fabulous melodic clean guitar solos within the fast thrash / death metal, but it also has very beautiful and even touching spoken monologue by Wagner Lamounier. "Little Julie" is easily the best track of Sarcófago, and one of the best extreme metal tracks ever made. Lyrics of the song are written in quite bad English (even worse than my English...), but the story is still quite interesting, about raping 11 year old girl.

Two last tracks are from "The Laws of Scourge" just remastered (also on the re-releases of "The Laws of Scourge" the two first tracks of this album appear as bonus). "Midnight Queen" has almost doom metallic parts with it slow tempo, heavy, low pitch guitars and very low death grunt. It also has very touching story about teenage prostitute, and when I first time listened it, it actually made me weep - there's no many songs that has done the same. "Secrets of a Windows" is another interesting song, with several beautiful acoustic guitar solos. It also has very good lyrics about anguish.

Production on this album is mostly good, but not perfect. Drums are probably triggered, at least their sound is some way quite steril. Guitars are heavy and quite distorted, though not ultra distorted, and you can hear bass guitar very well. Anyway, the music lacks a massive wall of sound that would make this even better. However, because there are several clean and acoustic parts, too heavy mass wouldn't fit on the album. So, even if not perfect, this is very close of it and very probably the best Sarcófago release.