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Blackened... half-thrash? - 34%

Skullhammer, April 13th, 2005

The title says it all. This is indeed Sarcofago's worst album. Imagine rejected Pantera and Machine Head riffs recorded in the 80's sloppy fashion with old school black metal vocals and a drum machine (that is usually annoying) and lyrics in broken English and this is what you get.

The End is an interesting intro for Sarcofago. It's a minute with melodic acoustic guitar passages and keyboards. This is very unusual for Sarcofago.

Then comes in The Worst which a fantastic track. I had extremely high hopes when hearing this. It recorded in 1997 but it has pure 80's production. I didn't realize that the album would be groove riffs because this song is pretty slow number with the exception of the chorus riff which is a very neat palm muted thrash riff with great fucking triplets. I should've realized something was up when I heard artificial harmonics but I just thought maybe Wagner Antichrist became a better guitar player. This song is fucking well done. Hell, even the drum machine sounds great for this track.

Army Of The Damned... wow fucking terrible. It starts out nice with a very nice thrasy riff. Then about a minute in everything goes to hell. Out goes the thrash and in comes the groove. The chorus is fucking awful with a chuggathon going on by the guitars. The solo at 2:45 is a nice touch. This would've been a great track if it wasn't for the groove riffs.

God Bless The Whores is a mediocre track. It's a slow track but it sure is hell is no Nightmare or Rotting. Instead it's extremely boring with repetitive riffing. 7:27 minutes of the same bullshit. No thanks.

Plunged In Blood is just like Army Of The Damned. Not bad thrash riffs but then the groove comes in and kills the song. This one has a moronic use of stop and go riffing. It also has a nice solo around 2:48.

These guys decided to re-record their classic Satanic Lust. Well... let’s say the original is so much fucking better than this one. Don’t worry folks there is no groove elements in the song, it's the drum machine that’s at fault. During most of the song the drums are so loud that you cannot hear the guitars. Monotonous blast beats ruin the song.

The Necrophiliac continues the slow paced style of The Worst and God Bless The Whores but is filled with groove riffs that kill it.

Shave Your Head is good song. If you want to hear something weird, hear this. Wagner Antichrist and Gerald Incubus both shaved their heads and wrote this song. Why? Because long hair began to represent posers like Nirvana and Pearl Jam and all they do is do drugs and try to get girls with their long hair. So to go against the trend they decided to shave their heads. Now back to the music, the song is pretty damn good. It's thrashy with no groove influence. It sounds like it would belong perfectly in INRI.

Purification Process is the final track. It's decent with monotonous blast beats being the only downfall.

Well I wouldn't recommend this to anybody. Maybe if you're a huge fan of Sarcofago you might slightly enjoy a track or two like I did. Or maybe if you have some weird desire to listen to blackened half-thrash you might enjoy this. On another note, Sarcofago shifted their lyrical style. Instead of being about society or anti-religious, they went towards an anti-suicide way. But this doesn't really make any sense.

The title track is a story of a bunch of bad shit happening to the dude. The chorus is "Remember my friend... The worst is to come!" The lyrics are similar for the most part throughout the album. So the final message is "don’t kill yourself because life is going to get worse and worse?" Don’t take the easy way out. YOU MUST SUFFER! I think suicide is a pretty dumb fucking thing to do but Sarcofago's lyrics seem to promote it instead of being against it. After reading an interview about this album with them, it really made me wonder. They say it’s against suicide but most of the lyrics talk about how bad life is...