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Name of this album describes it very well... - 45%

Miihkali123, June 12th, 2009

Every Sarcófago album is quite original, if you compare it to other albums by the band. Except this.. "I.N.R.I." was black / thrash, "Rotting" was epic black metal, "The Laws of Scourge" was technical thrash / death, "Hate" is death metal and "Crust" brutal death metal... Every album of Sarcófago is different. Except this. "The Worst" sounds like "Hate", but there are several different tracks... Some of them remind me from their early punkish days, some of them try to reach the touching and more experimental style of "The Laws of Scourge". Actually there's only one way this album is unique in Sarcófago discography. This is bad.

Intro song "The End" is quite interesting, nothing revolutionary, but for (late) Sarcófago it's unusual experiment with acoustic guitars and keyboards. It introduces us to title track "The Worst" which reminds me from old school brutal Sarcófago, though has quite slow tempo. It is not very good piece, but it's not bad, and some way I like it, even if it's slightly too long. Third track "Army of the Damned (the Prozac's Generation)" is also a good one, and it's lyrics tell about nowadays very common thing. It's good, groovy song and has quite nice solo. Till the beginning of third track everything is ok and "The Worst" seems to be quite succesfull Sarcófago album.

Then comes "God Bless the Whores". It's overlong, ultra boring track which is beyond mediocre. Lyrics have interesting and quite fun reference to "The Laws of Scourge" times whit it's references to 'midnight queen' and good old 'little Julie'... But the song itself is garbage and the lyrics too. Then comes again two OK tracks, first "Plunged in Blood" which has great groovy atmosphere and is very fast stuff. If I should release Sarcófago single, it probably would be "Screeches from the Silence* / Plunged in Blood" , since these are their most catchy tracks. Re-recording of classical Sarcófago song "Satanic Lust". With better production and sound quality it doesn't feel as good as the punkish old version, but it's still good one.

"The Necrophiliac" is mediocre track, which, like "God Bless the Whores", is another overlong and boring track. "Shave your Head" is then probably the best track on this album. Very brutal and fast death metal stuff, with good lyrics about wannabe metalheads of nowadays... And then the closer... Outro track "Purification Process" is typical outro, i.e. a 'atmospheric' piece of shit.

So, what we have got here... Three highlight tracks "Plunged in Blood", "Army of the Damned" and especially "Shave your Head". And then bunch of more or less fillers. I recommend this only for die hard Sarcófago fans.

*from "The Laws of Scourge"