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Short And Sweet - 100%

FOrbIDen, August 6th, 2012

'Malediction' is a short three track EP released by ex-CoF backing vocalist Sarah Jezebel Deva during may 2012. The opening track, 'Lies Define Us', starts of strong, heavy riffs, subtle piano part carrying the melody. Then it dies down a bit for some beautiful vocal work done by Sarah who shares the mic with Soilwork vocalist Bjorn "Speed" Strid. A powerful singing voice that works so well with Sarah's. Sure the lyrics about karma could be better and sometimes the two vocals blend together, but other than that amazing song. The next track 'When It Catches Up With You' is a faster, heavier track, it's just Sarah singing this time. The song is all out power until the very end where the energy fizzles out to end with a light piano part and an echoed vocal line.

And of course the last song. The one that left a lot of reviewers surprised. After leaving Cradle to do her own thing, Sarah said that she wasn't going to collaborate with Dani or CoF, and yet here it is. 'This Is My Curse', the last song on the EP, featuring Dani Filth. This song is just the best, the two doing a duet, it's just like the Sarah Jezebel Deva version of 'Nymphetamine' (which if you haven't listened to it, you should). Dani empties out his bag of tricks, whispering, singing, screaming, growling, everything but the kitchen sink. And this is where Sarah finally uses some of her higher range. The keyboards and orchestration are strangely similar to that of the CoF album Midian, which was a fantastic album, but the guitar riffs are a little lighter, but just as powerful. Sarah has also matured as a lyricist. The lyrics are about the fur industry, but in a way that isn't preachy or all out gore.

"Languishing this night
In a scene of horror
There's a fear that weighs on my heart
That tomorrow never comes
Where the sun touched the bars with the promise of release
Lights catch the filth, the blood, the screams
Of the thousands who suffer as one

For your vanity, my skin is slit and torn from me,
It feeds the yen for your diseased industry
Wash away the blood stained grounds
Still breathing, misery resounds
Free me, I have no voice!"

This EP, though short is one of the best things to come out of the music industry all year. It shows growth for the guys and gal of Sarah Jezebel Deva as musicians and is worth the three dollars. It is only for digital download, which I would have preferred a physical release (I love buying CD's), but that doesn't deter the quality of the music at all. At least listen to it.