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Stunning debut! 90% - 90%

Pins_and_Needles, December 5th, 2007

The Rage Of One is the debut EP of Sanity's Rage, a very promising band.
The band combines blazing Thrash metal with very melodic parts. I think this band can be compared to the work of Channel Zero, a band I really admire.

So I think the way those guys started up here, promises a very nice future. The band has it all. Neckbreaking riffing, flashing leads, the vocals... The album keeps you focused from the start untill the end. I sure do hope we can get some new work very soon, I'm already looking forward to it.

The quality of the record is also very nice, instead of many young bands, who deliver crappy quality with their first demo's/EP's. This is certainly not the case with this band, another great advantage.

To be honest, it's very hard for me to find out somthing negative about this record. So guys, keep up the good work and rock on!