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Lots of potential - 78%

DGYDP, June 5th, 2008

This is a good EP, but it doesn't feel "finished". A mix between Iced Earth, Testament and hints of Coma of Souls form the basis of this thrash band. Obviously not on the same level as their influences, but that doesn't stop them from being good. However, it's clear that these guys can come up with something a lot better. Potential is not absent and this is a great indication of things that might come in the future.

Good things:
- the song Apocalypse, which is awesome. Influences of Iced Earth (Night of the Stormrider era) are impossible to deny, which goes for all of the tracks. Doesn’t really mater, because it’s still an awesome track and without a doubt the best on the EP.
- the vocals. I have a feeling that with a good producer the vocalist (and the whole band) can come up with a better sound, but as they are now the vocals are definitely above average.
- the instruments. The tone of the guitars doesn't sound entirely 100% but there are lots of great thrash riffs and solos. The bass and drum work is satisfactory as well, though nothing spectacular.

Bad things:
- the songs don't sound finished. I expect the band to do a lot of tweaking before releasing their debut album because particularly the second half of the EP sounds only half-finished.
- on itself nothing amazing. Not that this stops me from listening, because I enjoy listening to the songs. I do realize this is not "incredible" or anything, hence a score lower than 80.
- the production. It's not bad per se, but it could be a hell of a lot better. A little more depth and a better tone would do a lot to the overall quality of the sound.

Recommended to fans of Iced Earth or fans of "progressive" thrash in general. Keep in mind that this is only an EP and I'm sure the debut album will sound a lot better. Final conclusion: lots of potential but the overall product hasn't been perfected yet.