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Typical, but impressive - 65%

Pratl1971, October 25th, 2011

From the United Kingdom melodic black metal seems to emanate like a dim and heavy city fog in the form of Sanhedrin and its self-released EP And On Into the Eternal Nether…of Forgotten and Stricken, which captures a familiar, yet tangible sound that has yet to be completely and irrevocably polluted beyond reason.

This EP capitulates on the vastness that has become black metal, be it harsh, raw, polished or melodic, but it doesn’t offend like most bands do these days. After hearing the main track, “….of Forgotten and Stricken Souls” the immediate feel of old (and relevant) Dark Tranquility-meets-blackness overwhelms, but there’s something quite good about the overall sound. The music isn’t quite Dissection-brilliant, but it’s far from the Dimmu Borgir triteness or Cradle of Filth comedy of musical errors. Nestled in-between are three tracks that do not negate the worth of the genre any more than it already has been over the years; there’s some very good guitar work herein as well as a vocal performance that isn’t over-the-top or criminally bland.

For a self-release the production is really crisp and tight, providing a serious level of engagement that doesn’t falter between three cumbersome tracks straddling a line between metal and parody. The two instrumentals that encase the ten-minute devilish ditty are just the right length and typify what an EP is supposed to accomplish: a small but concise effort that says something and is in and out before you can blink, leaving you wanting more.

This one is really quite good…impressive all over.

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