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Gored in the Chest - 60%

Nattskog7, January 24th, 2023
Written based on this version: 2021, Digital, Century Media Records

Following the bands single Maggot Stomp Records released “Pornographic Seizures” demo, death metal cavemen Sanguisugabogg delivered their debut album via Century Media Records.

Putrid riffs and blundering drums drive right into a forceful onslaught of brutality with disgustingly snarled vocals to offer a fetid and primal assault of mighty death metal. The slow, chugging and brutish onslaught immediately picks up where the demo left off in a pool of rancidity that may be a little on the nose but is certainly what one would expect from this band. Taking cues from the likes of Mortician, this pulverising record starts as it means to go on. Gurgling vocals and equally swampy guitars entwine amidst bouncy drums to create a sense of heaving grotesqueness that is as vile as it is fun and easy to get into the groove of. The way this band is presented may perhaps put some off with its tongue-in-cheek humour and outrageous lyrics but do not be fooled into thinking the music itself is of no value, in fact fans of more brutal and mid-paced death metal should find this a very easy release to get into the swing of.

Borrowing a more grindcore tone in the drums mixed pretty loud to punch over that gory riffing is an interesting approach that works rhythmically in favour of the band, though sometimes a cool riff is left a bit buried but generally speaking, this barbarian approach to the sound is an accentuating factor in the neanderthalic sound that one would expect from Sanguisugabogg. Stomping through the record, this straight-to-the-face approach is contagious, offering a pretty catchy slab of filth time and time again. While I will admit the more eerie and old school methods of death metal appeal more to myself, I really enjoyed this bands demo and am glad they retained their recognisably primal charms and battering approach to songwriting. The storming grooves spewed forth definitely offer a truly vile feeling with such low vocals and popping snare hits, it is hard not to headbang along to many moments on this album, especially with it having a fairly concise running time.

Though we see a little respite in the simplistic and minimal intervals, the thundering and bellowing brutality is never far away to deliver a monolith of savagery upon us. This certainly feels like a much more complete recording that builds upon what the demo set out to do, keeping the murky filth intact while continuing to belch forth a rabid and macabre stench of putridity in the exact same manner. Naturally one does not expect a huge progression from such a band though their more varied moments such as “Dead As Shit” offer a little more technicality and flavour to the mix while not feeling any less like a brick to the face, perhaps looking more to Malignancy for inspiration. I think the raw charm of the demo worked a lot more to their favour as a still young musical entity, but they certainly retained their personality here all the same while growing to reach further into the guts of the larger death metal scene, something that cannot be held against them. All in all, there is plenty to dig about this rotten record and I certainly found it a fun listen with plenty to offer.

If you seek a primal, stomping slab of filthy death metal, look no further, Sanguisugabogg are just as brutish, crude and heavy as ever. Those seeking an introspective, ritualistic and more contemplative form of death metal may find this a bit tepid, though still there is joy to be had in the blundering assault for all. Whichever side of the fence you fall on, Sanguisugabogg are back with festering grotesqueries that are certainly enjoyable and inarguably boisterously entertaining.

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