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POBDz3: escaping the gravitational pull of D666 - 80%

vrag_moj, October 1st, 2008

Here is a blasting, blasphemous slab of Melbournian Black Metal that will devastate your senses with 30 minutes of intense, horrific Black/Death Metal and unusually lucid and poetic lyrics detailing the fallacy and the fall of YHWH. This being a Sydney zine, it is natural that I hear everything about the local goings on, but not so much of the same elsewhere; so it is always a good thing for me to discover a worthy extreme act from parts beyond. Also I say “Melbournian” specifically because this has that War Metal style to it of relentless blasting structures and hoarse shrieks and growls announcing unforgiving hatred of Judaism and Christianity.

This also reminds me of Portal – SM has the same chaotic writing style that makes for such a compelling listen in the case of Portal.

The EP is very well-produced. This is a studio production with live drums and a dense wall of guitar noise bearing heavily down on a clean, precise bass, hovering pleasantly in the background. The band employs shrill, neurotic double-tracked guitar leads and morbid strums to create evil atmospheres with little to no melody, although the occasional glimmer thereof produces a nice dissonant effect in what is already a sea of dissonance.

I can’t say much more about the music – it’s style is uniform throughout and flawlessly performed. One other surprising thing about Sanguinary Misanthropia is the extensive lyric sheet – a rare sight with underground performers who often obscure their lyrics under the guise that they are “too personal”. It is always good to read something this though-provoking and as you can see the interview dwells on the lyrics quite a bit.

So here we have a relentless, no-bullshit EP from a completely new artist, whose live performances I look forward to very much.

I think that Sanguinary Misanthropia may be one of the several younger bands that have come out in the recent years and have managed to escape the gravitational pull of former Melbourne glories such as D666 and Gospel of the Horns. Great as those guys are, I have not really heard anything new come out of Melbourne for some years, it all being very black/thrash and predictable – here, finally is progression.

Originally published in Procession of Black Doom zine #3