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Average Beatdown - 54%

CosmicChrisTV, November 8th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2019, CD, Gyaru Guts Records

I will admit, I do not listen to much beatdown. However, from all the beatdown I have listened to, this is the only EP that I have ever come back to listen to more than once. I think the main reason is the fact that I personally know most of the people who worked on this album, because if I'm being honest, the only thing that really sets this EP apart from other beatdown EPs is the fact that the album art takes inspiration from anime of all things. Beatdown bands usually take themselves seriously, but with an album art like this, you'd think that this band would just be for fun... nope! In my opinion, this EP takes itself a bit too seriously for a band with anime themes.

How about the music? It has a few good riffs, but the breakdowns are nothing special. The drums are also nothing new, but they're not bad. The main vocalist does a pretty good job, even if he doesn't sound different from other beatdown vocalists. The first guest vocalist was okay, but his voice sounded a bit too strained. The next 2 vocalists did a good job, but a common theme is that is sounds too generic. Generic doesn't necessarily mean bad. It just means nothing unique is being offered. Lord Hentai did not do a good job. His vocals sounded heavily edited and they were inhales. I am not a fan of inhales in the slightest. Some people can make inhaled vocals sound good, but he is not one of them. The final guest vocalist, Kiryu Zhang did an absolutely fantastic job. Which isn't a surprise because his vocals never disappoint. Overall, in a genre that mostly sounds like watered down deathcore, this EP deserves some recognition for actually managing to get me to listen more than once.