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Leading the troops into battle! - 93%

despoticthrash, November 19th, 2008

Seattle, WA Sanctum are by far the leading its listeners into battle. On the Horizon is one of my favorite albums of 2008 right now, and is probably one of the best war/crust releases out there this year. This album is crusty enough for every punk with just the right amount of death metal and thrash for every metalhead. Sanctum have the sound all right. The guitars and drums lead the way in the production with the perfect crusty but audible production, (that remids me of early Entombed/Dismember) with a good distorted bass filling everything out. The vocals are great, a good death metal/crust growl that would make Karl Willets of Bolt Thrower proud. In fact if Bolt Thrower stuck to the sound they had on In Battle There Is No Law, and didnt go the more doom way, On the Horizon would have been their next record. Lyrically its is exactly what you would expect, songs about war, famine, the post apocalypse, and the disgrace that is mankind. Sanctum put you right in the middle of the post apocalytic battlefield and never let you leave. The cd version also has the songs from their previous two EP's, "Sanctum", and "Enslaved". These songs are just as strong but have a different production due to them being previous releases. Bottom line this album is one of the most solid crust records I have heard so far and it is well worth getting. Into Glory Ride!!