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Sanctifier > Zi Dingir Kia Kanpa > Reviews > Noktorn
Sanctifier - Zi Dingir Kia Kanpa

We don't have to like this stuff you know - 46%

Noktorn, May 31st, 2008

Yes yes yes you're oldschool but simply being oldschool and loving Cthulhu doesn't quite make you Morbid Angel, nor does it make up for having really thin production which robs the compositions of the majesty you're so desperately infusing them with. This sounds like Nunslaughter trying to replicate Morbid Angel in a more 'brutal' style with somewhat predictable, atonal tremolo riffs popping up between midpaced sections. It doesn't totally fail; sometimes the band gets into a midpaced groove or tension-laced climb of gothic tremolo riffing that works, but overall it kind of feels like something the metal scene should be past by now. It's nostalgia without a huge amount of real content, just replication of styles of death metal that have been essentially gone for years now.

I like the relatively brutal and ugly vocals, and the way the bass occasionally pops out with a very rickety, primitive sound, but a lot of the riffs leave me cold and the song structures don't go anywhere in particular, they don't really have beginnings or conclusions, just a series of parts that abruptly ends when the band runs out of ideas. I get the point of this: the objective of this music is to be oldschool and not much else, but what the hell am I supposed to say? Good for them, they've managed to copy something in a more or less accurate way? Congratulations, I'm still not interested in listening to your music when you can't really write full songs and the portions thereof aren't THAT interesting to begin with. The 'oldschool or die' aesthetic is nice and all, but it would probably have more teeth if the music would sufficiently back it up in intensity.