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A good album - 72%

PainMiseryDeath, March 18th, 2004

Hearing Sanctification's Demo 01-02 motivated me to try this cd. After the intro, which I assume is taken from some horror movie or something, it kicks off to an unrelenting start. Much the same as the demo, the songs are short, fast, furious, and the musicianship is tight. The production is of course a hell of a lot better on here than on the demo, everything is crystal clear. Yes, this is good death metal, Sanctification know what they are doing. They mix things up enough so that it doesn't get boring, and perhaps having the short songs has something to do with this. Although this cd is just under half an hour, I suspect that the songs would start to sound the same were it any longer. There really isn't all that much a band can do harking back to American death metal, but Sanctification manage to keep things fairly fresh, interesting, and certainly worthy of headbanging along. A good album here, check it out - 72%