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A good demo. - 70%

PainMiseryDeath, March 16th, 2004

Let me first preface this review by saying Sanctifications drummer Nils Fjellström, also in Aeon, Chastisement, Souldrainer and a few others, is an astounding drummer. I would rank him high among my favourites. So I won't go into much detail about the amazing drumwork here, and how well they fit each and every riff. Actually I wont go into much detail in this review at all...

This short demo (under ten minutes, argh!) is quite good. There is an abundance of cool riffs, most quite fast, and there is a decent amount of changes within the songs. Two of the songs are instrumental, and they rule. The vocalist's growl on the other two songs is quite low, pretty much a standard death metal roar that works justly with the music. Even though Sanctification is Swedish, they seem influenced by American death metal, and they add in some freshness as well. The songs are short and straight to the point. Having only the ten minutes of music makes me want to seek out their full length "Misanthropic Salvation."

Well there's my review..this is a good demo to check out - 70%