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Too bluesy and a lousy vocalist - 40%

cronosmantas, June 29th, 2005

Vocalist Nicky Moore has been the vocalist for Samson on many albums. He took over after Bruce Dickinson left in 1981 and sang on three studio albums before quiting and then rejoining the band in 2000. The album joint forces is by far the easiest album with Moore on vocals to obtain since Before the Storm is quit rare and Don't Get Mad - Get Even hasn't even been issued on the CD format. After listening to Joint Forces, one question pops into my mind: Is Nicky Moore the best vocalist that Paul Samson could find to front his group after Dickinson left? I mean come on! Moore just sucks, plain and simple. How could they follow Dickinson, perhaps metal's finest vocalist, with this guy? My only guess is that Paul Samson didn't audition enough people. Nicky Moore most have been the first bloc to walk in the door and he got the job.

Not only is the singer bad but the album itself isn't that great either. It's like Paul Samson wanted to experiment with blues rock instead of making the NWOBHM metal he was so good at before.

The album opener The Chosen Few is a decent song, one of the few the album has. The second song Tramp is a blues metal mess. Not good on my ears. The ballad Reach Out for Love is exceptionally bad. Even Paul Samson usual great guitar licks can't save this album.

After hearing this bluesy metal monstrosity, I can see why Samson's Nicky Moore vocal albums are so hard to come by. If you want good Samson, go buy the Head On and Shock Waves with Dickinson on vocals or even the surprisingly good 1991 album Refugee. I wouldn't recommend the Moore vocal albums, especially Joint Forces