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Early death-ish metal, but little more - 63%

robotiq, December 22nd, 2019

I am fascinated by the early history of death metal. Everyone knows about Possessed and Death, but there were lesser known bands in dark corners of the metal universe, each exploring extremity in their own way. Samhain (from Denmark) were one of those bands, releasing this demo under that moniker before changing their name and continuing as DesExult.

Whether or not the music on this demo is 'death metal' is debatable, but it still represents some of the crudest and most barbarous music of the time. The obvious reference point is Hellhammer, "Prince of Evil" has some Tom G Warrior-style 'uuughs' and "Salvation" is similar to "Triumph of Death". That said, this is faster and more chaotic than Hellhammer, and the drumming is more varied and less punk-ish. There are a few splashes of Motorhead, Discharge, and Bullzdozer here and there. This is not really thrash because it has none of the precision of records like "Endless Pain" or "Feel the Fire". The riffs are blunt, fuzzy and chaotic and the soloing is cacophonous. The overall production is garagey, but bass-heavy enough to give the music the edge it needs.

I don't listen to this demo often, it is not particularly good. There were better bands in 1985 doing similar things (e.g., Master, Death, Death Strike). Still, Samhain (and DesExult) were part of this early death metal picture and cannot be ignored. Those interested in early death metal should listen to this demo at least once.