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Music evolves - 97%

Axonn, May 21st, 2006

With 2004's Reign Of Light, after almost 5 years since their last album, Samael, again, redefined their own style and created yet another musical dimension in their sound. As always, this is a band of evolutions. After an LP like Eternal which sounded dissapointing to many, they came with something closer to their Passage masterpiece. This album isn't really better than Passage, but the best I can say is that it's equal. As a matter a fact, it's difficult to compare Passage, Eternal and Reign Of Light, due to the fact that each of them is so different from the other. After all, it will be down to you to decide which of the three is the best. Take it for granted that the combination of styles sounds amazingly well!

What's for sure is that the musical genius, Xytras, is back with an unsurpassed melodicity combined with Vorphalack's harsh and violent vocals, which sound angrier than ever. What's so great about this is that you can actually *understand* a large part of the lyrics. I've been listening to Black Metal for some years now, but this is the first album where the sound IS black metal and quite a good part of the lyrics can be understood. The other will make sense when reading them. If you're an open minded rocker, you'll absolutely love this album.

This release is another step forward for Samael, the band that started with some run of the mill demos, three LPs largely preocupied with satanism and the occult and that after grew into one of the most innovative metal bands in the world. The lyrics on this album are largely about life and existence (from what I've been able to understand). Since Passage, this has been a band that grew up a lot. Vorph's (f.k.a. Vorphalack) lyrics were previously entangled in the satanic and occult but have now grown to a much higher level, proving just how much this band can bring: good music AND good lyrics, which is quite rare.

In conclusion, this album can be considered, close, equal or even better than the masterpiece Passage and re-affirms Samael's position in the Metal world as one of the most experimental and original bands on the planet!