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This is quite good, actually - 72%

bimu, September 18th, 2006

To my surprise, I found this demo quite enjoyable. Saltus plays black metal of the more melodic kind, so the riffs are rather thrashy in parts and only mildly aggressive. There are also some solos throughout the songs, which are surprisingly good, very melodic at times, and make the songs more interesting.

The drumming is competent. There are some well done blast beats and the tempo is rather varied. The drum sound is clean and appropriate for the music and they are well-mixed, especially considering it's a demo. The bass lines follow the guitars for the most part and don't really add anything particularly interesting to the songs. Overall, the production job on this demo is done really well and would befit a full-length easily.

The Slayer cover is ok and the instrumental intro is an effective mood-setter.

Now, the main flaw of the album are the vocals. Even though they are not utterly bad, they are not good, either. First of all, they are very monotonous. No tone or pitch shift at all. They are also too high in the mix. And the lyrics...they are in Polish and rather decipherably- delivered, but this is hardly a positive. Some might like it, but well, the pagan and anti-Christian themes presented in the most straightforward way tinged with 'romanticism' and 'nostalgia' in the form of clumsy 'poetry' are just unintentionally funny.

So, this is a recommended demo if you like it when your black metal leans on the melodic side.