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Sallow Moth - The Larval Hope

Sallow Moth – The Larval Hope - 80%

TheMetalGamer, February 16th, 2020

After two EP’s the one-man project by Cara Neir multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Garry Brents have released their first full-length album titled The Larval Hope. A cool thing to note about this project is that he donates 90% of digital proceedings to animal sanctuaries. Sallow Moth is all about the classic school of death metal. Think Pestilence, Cynic, Dismember, Edge of Sanity and Demilich fused into one being with bits and pieces taken in as influences from five very varied acts.

Sallow Moth brings forth exactly what it promised where the old school referenses shines brightly as The Larval Hope brings both the chuggy riffing from Dismember with an nasty underground atmospheric touch a la Demilich or Krypts. The moth is extra bright spreading its beautiful wings on the opener “Noxious Revival” as this is a superb example on class underground death metal, great songwriting (got to love Lovecraftian horror inspired death metal) and an atmosphere that reels you in. “Death Mutation Vs Metallurgic Summonings” switches the sound up some, being on the more progressive side, showcasing the Edge of Sanity and Cynic influences. The album is certainly one you need to experience from start to finish to grasp the full extent of Sallow Moth’s concept and how each song is an homage, without sounding like a ripoff, to some of the best death metal bands of the old. Be it the grand opening “Noxious Revival”, the Finnish death/doom styled “The Larval Hope (Piercer of Spells)” or epic, close to nine minutes, album closer “Glimpse the Unthinkable” Sallow Moth delivers excellent death metal to your ears. The Larval Hope is the best old school death metal album I’ve heard so far this year. It packs a punch and is varied enough, with high quality, to keep you wanting to spin this again and again.

Originally written for The Metal Gamer