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Another good album from Saint Vitus. - 86%

erickg13, April 2nd, 2007

Following up an album as good as “Born Too Late” may be a have been a tall task for some bands, but for one as great as Saint Vitus can pull it off. Saint Vitus does just that with the follow-up, “Mournful Cries”.

“Mournful Cries” follows perfectly in the steps of “Born Too Late”: under-produced, simple, and most of all, disturbingly slow. This is however doesn’t have as good of songwriting as “Born Too Late”, but outside of that, it never falters!

The album opens with the relatively fast paced, for a doom metal band at least, “The Creeps” followed by the best song of the album “Dragon Time”. As the title would indicate “Dragon Time” has the Dio-esque flair of telling the story of a dragon haunting a village. The general theme of this album has a mid evil vibe, which fits almost perfectly, even if it is a bit cheesy at times.

But as said, this album is not as good as “Born Too Late”, and isn’t because that album was just so perfect that it couldn’t be topped. “Mournful Cries” has a few signs of decreasing songwriting. Also, it seems that these songs were under rehearsed before recording them.

Overall, faults aside, “Mournful Cries” is still a solid album by Saint Vitus. If you enjoy doom metal, you will enjoy this. If you like Saint Vitus, you will enjoy this.