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Saint Vitus - Live (1990) - 100%

Unsilent_Storms, November 17th, 2004

“Hi, were Saint Vitus”, and so starts Saints Vitus live album. What is so special about this release is that it feels like you are in a bar sipping down some cold ones and one of the best doom bands ever is in front of you tearing up the place with 11 classic tracks. The sound is as good as its going to get, the whole band sounds perfect, no instrument over powers the other. The band kicks into an aggressive “Living Backwards”, Wino sings it so passionately, “I've been gone forever, Lost in my own zone, wandering a wasteland, trapped here all alone”. Right before the second track is going to start, which is “Born to Late” (one of the coolest odes to a metalhead I have ever heard) you hear Wino say to an unfortunate person “You got to turn the monitors down fruit!” The next three tracks are “The War Starter”, “Mind-Food”, and “Looking Glass”, excellent doom that just sounds better with the passing of time. Then the album goes from good to amazing. A blistering version of “White Stallions” really gets the crowd going, the band picks up the pace, this version of White Stallions is by far superior to the original. As soon as the song is over the crowd cheers in frenzy, Wino is heard saying, “You guys are the fucking best!” Just as the crowd is dying out, they rip onto “Look Behind you” a true doom classic. This song alone is worth buying the album; doom metal does not get much better than that track. Then “Dying Inside”, an ode to alcoholism and misery, something Saint Vitus are masters at, it is the highlight of the concert. The band ends with “War is our Destiny”, “Mystic Lady” with it’s totally dare I say, “groovy” bass line and ripping guitar solo in the middle of the song and concludes with a fan favorite “Clear Windowpane”. For people like me that never got to see this legendary band live, it gives a good glimpse into just how damn awesome this band is and how they sounded live. The album is highly recommended for old time fans that will head bang to all the classics and new ones as well, here are some of their finest tunes performed in a truly spectacular way.