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Doom Metal PerFUCKtion - 100%

SetAbominae6, February 17th, 2012

What is that noise? Is that pick sliding? In doom metal? You're about to hear a lot of it; and probably one of the best [if not THE BEST] doom metal album ever created. As the drums kick in, I will reveal to you this - Saint Vitus are the masters of doom.

Everyone says Black Sabbath started doom. Bullshit. They showed the world it was ok to play shit loud, crazy, insane. To let your inner demons out. Bobby Liebling heard Black Sabbath's records and was instantly inspired to create his own doom, Pentagram. Blue Cheer also inspired many doom bands throughout the years. The music had such a dark and depressing atmosphere that they didn't know what to call it, other than "Heavy Metal". But as bands like Trouble, Witchfinder General and Candlemass started to emerge, another band was in the works. And these doom metal titans were called Saint Vitus, properly named after the Sabbath song, "St. Vitus Dance."

They released their self-titled album as well as Hallow's Victim with Scott Reagers. He left the band in 1986, and was subsequently replaced by Scott Weinrich [Wino]. This album is the first featuring Wino on vocals, and he proves that he fits amazingly into this hell of a band.

"Clear Windowpane" shows us a fun and almost catchy side of doom metal. Though the lyrics might scare away conservatives [but who gives a fuck about them anyway?]. As you are continually pummeled by Adams' bass and Acosta's percussive elements, Dave Chandler fucking SHREDS throughout the solos. Its like nothing I've ever experienced. Imagine a Sodom solo in a doom metal song, without as many tremelos and Teutonic influence. That's pretty much what you get with these solos. No real melodic direction, just solos that fucking melt your face off. Another fun track is their cover of Black Flag's "Thirsty and Miserable," which is a FUCKING masterpiece. The sounds of belching and beer cans can be heard as the song begins, instantly pummeling you with Vitus riffs. They had such a thick and heavy sound back then. I personally prefer Wino over Reagers. But again, that's my personal taste. A note worth mentioning: about halfway through "Thirsty and Miserable", Wino bleats out one of the coolest things Ive ever heard in a doom song

"Its 1:30 and we're getting nervous
Cuz the stores close at 2:00
And there's not last us...

*Cue awesome doom solo*

This is what I love about Saint Vitus - the guitar isn't the only instrument glorified. Throughout the ENTIRE record you can hear the bass audibly and present, pummeling away at these excellent songs. Overall, an amazing album that EVERY metal fan should have. Enjoy it if you pick it up; you will not regret it.

"What about the liquor cabinet"