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Saint Deamon's Masterpiece After The Masterpiece - 100%

WishmasterTheDark, October 15th, 2011

That's right, they made another perfect studio album, and it seems like they can't do no wrong. This band is something very unique, and completely different from anything you've ever heard of before. How do I know that? After listening to hundreds of heavy metal bands from various sub-genres (power, classic heavy, doom, melodic heavy, thrash, death, melodic death, neoclassical, progressive, symphonic, folk and viking), you may realize how unique and perfect this band truly is. Everything is perfectly balanced here, that's why this album deserves the highest mark, and any lower mark makes this studio album underrated. You have blazing riffs, tasty melodies, guitar solos, soaring, high-pitched vocals and glass shattering screams, also short, but lyrics that actually have meaning. As a team these guys work the best way possible, and they are like some kind of "fantastic four".

Heavy, powerful, blazing, tasty and creative riffs are everywhere, from the very beginning of the album, to the end. Most notable riffs can be found in Eyes Of The Devil, The Only One Sane, The Deamon Within and Fallen Angel, also riffs with melodic approach in song Way Home. Riffs in these songs are so outstanding. Songs have incredible structure, and these riffs help to make the songs so much powerful, besides the drum work and powerful vocals. Yeah, everything is powerful indeed, that's what actually power metal is all about. Power metal is somehow recognized in the wrong way as the least powerful, some kind of pop version of heavy metal music. That's because of large number of pop bands with tons of keyboards and guitar melodies without any riffs. Only fans of power metal (like me) actually know what is it all about.

Besides the riffs, songs have power overdose because of sky-high soaring vocals. Jan Thore has incredible vocal range, and only few singers can get close enough to be compared with him. Every single song is blessed with his razor sharp, sky-high, glass shattering voice, and he gives the songs whole new level. That means that Saint Deamon puts most of other bands in shame. Also, Ronny Milianowicz shakes the ground with his great drumming. His unique style makes songs sound so much better, with very creative and interesting rhythms, which make songs so much perfect. From slow tempo, mid tempo to fast tempo ones, it is really incredible killer drum work.

Besides impressive riffs, Toya Johansson has some great solos here and there, and his melodic leads during song parts make songs even stronger. The Only One Sane, Eyes Of The Devil, Fallen Angel and The Deamon Within are Toya's highlights. Even though songs have monster parts before solos, but suddenly when solos start, everything becomes godlike. His solos will melt your brain, you'll start to feel adrenaline rush and aggression of these songs becomes even stronger during and after them. Short, creative and tasty solos are in the rest of the songs. Anthem-like, epic and powerful - Oceans Of Glory, melodic, divine, massive - Fallen Angel, strong, melodic, slow ballad - Pandeamonium, and blazing, fast and aggressive - Deception and The Only One Sane are songs that will stay in mind of every listener. After short time, your mind will hunger for more, and that's when other songs will unveil their hidden magic.

Good sides of this release:
Everything. This is not mallcore crap band, but 100% pure heavy metal storm, which will crush every poser who dares stand in their way. You can't kill heavy metal. Bands like this one prove that. Get this album if you see it somewhere, support heavy metal, support perfect music.

Bad sides of this release:

Every song.