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Saint Deamon's Masterpiece - 100%

WishmasterTheDark, October 18th, 2011

This band is something unique. I can't find other band from any heavy metal's sub-genre that is similar to this band. This one goes to all who say that all power metal bands sound the same. This band has something in common with other bands from the genre - heaviness of course, otherwise they wouldn't be heavy metal. This is not a band with a pop singer with tons of keyboard melodies and orchestrations, and electric guitars for solos only. No, this band is like a beast released from its chains, ready to grab anyone who stands on its way. This beast has face-melting riffs, razor-sharp vocals, ground-shaking drums, sexy melodies, and intelligent lyrics. Everything is very well-packed and put into the total harmony of perfection. From simple power chords to blazing, very well made, powerful and aggressive riffs. Songs sound massive. Not just because of riffs, but also because of glass-shattering vocals and thunderous drums.

Jan Thore has an amazing vocal range, and not many stand to be compared to him. His vocal abilities are outstanding. Listen to any Saint Deamon's song, but pay special attention to songs like The Burden, Ride Forever, No Mans Land, and Run For Your Life. He sounds completely insane and mind-blowing. Band members are great individuals, but they work even better as a team. Drummer Ronny Milianowicz and vocalist Jan Thore are definitely top band members, but without Toya Johansson's killer riffs, magical and orgasmic melodies and solos, nothing would be the same. Nobby Norberg's bass can be clearly heard in the song My Sorrow, so don't expect that you can practice your bass guitar skills with this band. Maybe you can, but that doesn't matter much. Songs: In Shadows Lost From The Brave, Black Symphony and The Brave Never Bleeds are examples of this killer mix: high-pitched screams, fast drum work, enjoyable and pleasant rhythms, fast guitars with heavy riffs, and tasty, splendid guitar solos. The Exodus+My Judas, The Burden, Ride Forever and Deamons are slower songs, done with the same amount of perfection.

All of these songs have strong, sky-high, powerful vocals with amazing refrains that send shivers down your spine. A small amount of keyboards is present here. They are not placed as a lead instrument. Electric guitar does the main job, while keyboards are in the background, just to fill some tiny holes in order to complete the epic atmosphere. That means no electric guitar vs. keyboards during the solos, or anything like that. Songs are complex too, with notable amount of progressions. Lots of tempo changes are present, breaks, and some songs have structure as if they took different songs, and connected them in one. This release has two ballads. My Heart is power ballad and other ballad is My Sorrow which has an amazing ambient because of the bass lines and piano. Vocals put so much emotion there, and the lyrics are genial and perfect. In fact, each song has great lyrics. Love, hate, life, death, madness and personal struggles are topics here. Also, song Deamons is like a seafarers' anthem. This band has serious talent overdose. Talent only is not enough. Creativity and originality are even more important. Skills too. And these guys have it all.

Good sides of this release:
Every song is ass-kicking here. Vocals, drums and guitars are excellent. Lyrics are well-written and have meaning. Band members are great individuals and they work perfectly well as a team. Ballad, power ballad, mid and fast tempo songs are here, which means this release has it all. If you see this album pick it up. You won't regret. You can only regret if you miss buying it when you see it somewhere.

Bad sides of this release:

Every goddamn song.