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Lost in no man's land, Saint Deamon remains.. - 80%

The_Boss, September 10th, 2008

Sweden's Saint Deamon is a power metal band with plenty of hard rock and more noticeable progressive elements. You've heard of these types of bands right? There are loads of them all around, oozing out of Sweden, Italy, Germany etc, but Saint Deamon seems to be one of the better bands that stands out in the pack. I heard they were playing on the Prog/Power USA bill so I decided to check them out and I'm quite pleased with what I hear.

The music here isn't very out there nor is it very generic, it's simply just another power metal band. Most songs here are mid-tempo to more upbeat style with two ballads. The songs remain under 6 minutes and have plenty of progressive elements with flowing keys, weird structures and such but still nothing too out there like Dream Theater or Pagan's Mind. The better of the two ballads is My Judas where vocalist Jan Thore Grefstad shines very much so, showing his ability to pull of falseettos very similar to James LaBrie and Tobias Sammet; but most of the songs he sounds like Bob Catley often in his mid to low range singing. The other ballad My Heart reminds me SO much of new Avantasia with the hard rock/power metal vibe it's uncanny, just add some proggy elements and it's essentially the same.

No Mans Land, Black Symphony and Deamons are all solid power metal anthems with catchy choruses, rumbling double bass, trademark crunchy "prog" riffing and fun keys. No Mans Land stands out the most with the catchiest chorus and a really nice solo; the lead guitar work here is worthy of your typical power/progressive metal band, nothing Malmsteen or Romeo influenced but still decent. The rest of the musicanship here is solid, with drumming more similar to your most power metal bands and keyboard work somewhat "spacey and flowing" at times reminiscent of Pagan's Minds less overbearing work.

This is a decent outing of progressive rock influenced power metal much akin to newer Avantasia and bands like Dionysus and Dream Theater. It's very cheesy at times with power metal choruses aplenty and more of the same styles of power metal playing. In Shadows Lost From The Brave is an enjoyable debut from Saint Deamon with members from Highland Glory and Dionysus. For their next album, I hope they remain more of a prog/metal band instead of adding in lighter rock influences and creating plenty of solid power metal anthems. This is nothing special or out of the ordinary but it is enough to listen to at times but if you want heavier more progressive metal stick with Dream Theater and Spheric Universe Experience; but if you want more power metal styled bands then stick with Highland Glory, Dionysus, and Labyrinth. But if you want the closest comparison, is Avantasia's newest outing with a prog rock/power metal feel.