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Lost And Found - 50%

GuntherTheUndying, September 14th, 2008

This CD is just that: a CD. It has power metal features specializing in uppity atmospheres, heavy guitars, bass rhythms, fitting percussion, and happy vocals, but it lacks the zest similar factions aim for. Coursing along Saint Deamon’s debut, direction serves no purpose, yet they also claw themselves away from copycatting other bands; indeed, no stance has been staked on either side, whether it be intentional or not. Saint Deamon can only grasp tiny specs throughout “In Shadows Lost from the Brave,” leaving my mind a little confused by what the squad tries offering towards power metal fans and music lovers alike.

Typically, things bend upon mid-tempo flags stretching into melodic stars, so basically simple and catchy metal caught on keeping that repetition in a positive light. The percussion acts somewhat distraught due to its confronting surroundings, forcing it to remain essentially steady without applying noteworthy fills or anything attempting excitement. Everything still flows together on a listenable level, yet this record just stays in its glass ideology until it finally concludes. That’s basically how the whole record works, plodding along freely while avoiding both haphazard situations and majestic courses. I’m not saying they need to push power metal further, but come on. What’s the point, if there is one?

Still, a little light shines from Jan Thore Grefstad’s semi-amazing expectorations, even despite countless singers have overwhelming edges in comparison. Well, he’s got that happy tone we usually see, albeit features of soaring falsetto on occasion and adjusts upon Saint Deamon’s musical chime with ease, which is always an addition reeking tickles; however, he’s clearly no monolith within his select field. Over time, those warming elegances turn grey after looping around so many instances, and by the release’s end, no territory has been flagged as Saint Deamon’s own. I wouldn’t call Grefstad valorous, nor dull; just a basic singer that expels whatever is penned upon his paper.

So in finalizing “In Shadows Lost from the Brave,” we have a CD: plastic, music, a booklet, and a case, yet altogether, an item cannot be detected; that being true power. This album is simply music for the sake of emitting music, with minimal stride found only in rare intervals, plus one-dimensional identities not crystallizing an entire full-length of material. Some might find it enjoyable, or perhaps horrendous, but I can only reside between those adjacent emotions whilst experiencing this mediocre effort that really attempts nothing at all. I guess look into the release if Saint Deamon seems interesting, yet there are no guarantees you’ll find something memorable.

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